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2023 – 2024

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2023. Adeyinka, S., Lietaert, I., & Derluyn, I. “She said this might be God’s way of taking care of us”. Family involvement in human trafficking DOI:
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2023. Orsini, G., Uzureau, O., Rota, M., Behrendt, M., Adeyinka, S., Lietaert, I., Derluyn, I., van Liempt, I., Schapendonk, J., & Campos-Delgado, A. The EU governance of unauthorized migration as a game of “chutes and ladders”. Evidences from Libya, Italy, Greece and Belgium URL:
2023. Rota, M., Uzureau, O., Behrendt, M., Adeyinka, S., Lietaert, I., Derluyn, I., Gomez-Ciriano, E., Ciabati, E., & Dedotsi, S. Grasping at Straws: Social Work in Reception and Identification Centres (RIC) in Greece DOI:

2021 – 2022

2022. Behrendt, M. Pfeiffer, E. Devlieger, I. Adeyinka, S. Rota, M. Uzureau, O. Lietaert, I. & Derluyn, I. The impact of daily stressors on unaccompanied young refugees’ mental health: A longitudinal study. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. Advance online publication. DOI:        
2022. Orsini, G., Rota, M., Uzureau, O., Behrendt, M., Adeyinka, S., Lietaert, I., & Derluyn, I. Loops of Violence(s) Within Europe’s Governance of Migration in Libya, Italy, Greece, and Belgium DOI:                            https:/10.17645/pag.v10i2.5183
2022. Uzureau, O., Lietaert, I., Hernández, D.S., & Derluyn, I. Unaccompanied Adolescent Minors’ Experiences of Exception and Abandonment in the Ventimiglia Border Space DOI:                  
2022. Pfeiffer, E., Behrendt, M., Adeyinka, S., Devlieger, I., Rota, M., Uzureau, O., Verhaeghe, F., Lietaert, I. & Derluyn, I.  Traumatic events, daily stressors and posttraumatic stress in unaccompanied young refugees during their flight: a longitudinal cross-country study. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, 16(1), 1-12. DOI:                  
2022. Rota, M., Uzureau, O., Lietaert, I., & Derluyn, I.

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2021. Behrendt. M. Lietaert. I. & Derluyn. I. Continuity and Social Support: A Longitudinal Study of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors’ Care Networks, Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies                     DOI:

2019 – 2020

[2019, November] Lietaert.I,  Behrendt. M, Uzureau.O, Adeyinka.S, Rota.M, Verhaeghe.F, Watters.C, & Derluyn.I The development of an analytical framework to compare reception structures for unaccompanied refugee minors in Europe, European Journal of Social Work.                      ISSN: 1369-1457 (Print). 1468-2664 (Online) DOI: